Pacific Office Center Meeting Rooms

Conference Rooms

Our convenient and tastefully decorated conference rooms and/or team rooms can accommodate up to ten people. Coffee, tea and water are available.

Large conference room is equipped with teleconference equipment.


Large Conference Room Rental / Team Room Rental
(seats 8-10) $60/hr or $275/day

Medium Conference Room Rental / Team Room Rental
(seats 6-8) $40/hr or $225/day

Small Conference Room Rental / Team Room Rental
(seats up to 4) $30/hr or $180/day

Day Office Rental
$30/hr or $180/day


Pacific Office Center has a state-of-the-art videoconferencing system that is available to the public by appointment. With a 47 inch LCD screen and 10X zoom capability, you and your conferees can even read a typewritten page across the room.

The videoconferencing system can be utilized in any of the Center’s conference rooms or meeting rooms – accommodating up to 30 people. We’re also affiliated with several international networks that can help to locate complementary facilities in other areas.

“As videoconferencing quality has steadily improved it is becoming an increasingly popular way to hold meetings thereby reducing time and travel for meetings, depositions, training and seminars.”

Rental includes the conference room and use of the videoconferencing equipment, set up included. Recording is available. We’ll also help you locate a site for the other party if necessary. Additional third-party charges are not included.


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“I have been using the POC since 1997. Best staff and Center Manager. Always willing to go the extra mile to help you get the job done. Always has the look and feel of a Fortune 1000 company office with a tenth of the cost. Many other executive suite centers have solicited my business but none has come close to the POC. Essentially on the corner of the Glenn Highway and Minnesota you can get to anywhere in town in minutes.”

Richard Peterson

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